We help organisations stop dysfunction in their workforce by building an accepting and trusting environment through the use of applied improvisation (AIM). Through this, we aim to change the Australian business landscape to make it one of the most innovative and attractive work environments to be in in the world.

Through our work and with our allies and collaboration partners, we hope to see positive effects in the wider society, as people take what they learn in our programs and apply them to their home and family life, and the wider community.


By working with our closest allies in hospitality, legal, beauty and other sectors, and through referrals, we run concurrent programs for teams within the APAC region. We provide our facilitators with opportunities to collaborate with business owners and decision-makers, aligning their efforts with our shared mission.


Eric Vigo (Founder and Chief Improvisation Officer)

Eric Vigo (Founder and Chief Improvisation Officer)

Facilitates: Foundation Program • NeuroPlay Program • Life Skills Program

Eric Vigo been doing theatre improvisation (dance and theatre) since first sampling Theatresports in Melbourne in 1997. From 2002, he learnt movement improv in Sydney and travelled the world practising and learning it til 2009. For a while, Eric taught improv at a CBD Meetup (cut by Covid) from 2018 to 2019.

Eric’s passion is to ensure people are heard and valued for their unique contributions, which he is thrilled to see result in a more positive work environment and a more proactive and profitable organization.

He has presented to the Media Federation of Australia and led workshops and programs across multiple sectors and organisations.

Melanie Lindenthal

Melanie Lindenthal

Facilitates: Foundation Program • NeuroPlay Program • Life Skills Program

Melanie has worked for Rebooter Group and helped present at talks and within prgrams since 2022.

She graduated from Humboldt University in Berlin in 2007 with a Masters of Biology, and has got her improvisation training through the practice of contact improvisation in Germany and Australia.

She is also has been the manager of the massage clinic at Google in Sydney, Australia since 2021.


Jacob Parnell

Jacob Parnell

Facilitates: Foundation Program • NeuroPlay Program • Life Skills Program

Jacob blends creative expression and business acumen. His passion for improvisation, developed through training at Laugh Masters Academy starting in 2019, has equipped him with the skills to apply improvisation to the corporate world.

As a Senior Marketing Manager & Product Owner at Woolworths for 11 years, Jacob’s improv expertise is what he brings to clients in order to:

  • help people to be more present and mindful of how they interact with others, and
  • improve the ways team members communicate and work together to achieve specific organisational goals.
  • think on their feet and adapt to change.

These improvements will reduce conflict and improve clarity so that things can be done more efficiently.

Jacob also teaches individuals on weekends to apply improv to daily life at home and in social spaces, and he performs regularly at The Bank Hotel in Newtown as well as featuring at the Fringe Festival with the ‘Tiny Impro‘ theatre ensemble. He’s also recently written, directed and starred in his first short film which was selected for the North London Comedy Shorts Festival, the Texas Short Film Festival and Sydney’s Lift-off Film Festival

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