When LDev is put into action as taught and practiced, there will be noticeable changes in your staff.

Learn to flow between leading and following, so you can work with anyone at any stage and make them look good.

Listen, accept and build upon any input while withholding judgement to where it can be used effectively.

Foster a greater willingness to learn from any mistakes made, particularly from risk.

Grow self-awareness and increase ability to deal with the unexpected and unpredictable.

Resist the urge to jump to conclusions or rely on assumptions, allowing for a more thorough and unbiased understanding in given moments.

Recognise the unique experiences each person has that can be cultivated and utilised to tackle challenges in the workplace.

Imaging and storytelling above and beyond the purely logical.

Using serious play strategically by testing a problems’ limits, and bending the rules with the freedom to experiment.

Use collaborative inquiry to bring out a productive dialogue across community, language or culture.


In the realm of leadership development (LDev), the stakes are high. Subpar LDev breeds directionless leadership, poor decision-making, and eroded team morale, inevitably crippling organisational effectiveness and achievement. In response, the Applied Improvisation Methodology (AIM) emerges as a dynamic solution, seamlessly infusing its core principles into LDev. AIM can then be expanded out to cultivate a leadership core skills in each of the staff.

The use of AIM through Rebooter Group’s Human Intelligence Programs, with its emphasis on listening, acceptance, and collaborative construction, cultivates leaders and leadership aspirations who are not only open and adaptable but also masters of dynamic problem-solving. This methodology nurtures a fluid ‘leading/following’ dynamic, enabling leaders and people who formerly felt comfortable in following, to effortlessly connect and collaborate at any level, thereby enhancing client relationships and fostering teamwork. Further enriching LDev, jazz’s role in organisational theory stands as a testament to the learnability and refinement of these essential leadership skills.

Through the prism of jazz, LDev evolves to encompass patterns of leadership, spontaneity, adaptability, intuitive guidance, and calculated risk-taking. Dr. Farnaz Tabaee underscores AIM’s criticality in sculpting leaders for the 21st century, drawing parallels with the proven effectiveness of improvisational theatre in bolstering self-awareness and responsiveness to unforeseen challenges.

Beth Boynton underscores the significance of improv theatre techniques in developing key soft skills like communication, teamwork, and leadership. The AIM methodology comes at the individual elements of what makes good LDev and transforms the way leaders work comprehensivly. AIM refines leaders’ ability to observe and delay assumptions, enhancing awareness; utilises unique personal experiences in problem-solving; applies visual and narrative techniques for insight; encourages ‘serious play’ for safe exploration of complex issues; fosters collaborative inquiry for shared solutions; and focuses on crafting, merging varied actions and skills for effective leadership strategies.

Rebooter Group’s Human Intelligence Programs do more than just augment individual leadership prowess; they play a pivotal role in cultivating an organisational culture that is both resilient and adaptable. Integrating AIM into LDev equips organisations with leaders who are not only prepared but also capable of steering through the complexities and unpredictabilities of today’s business landscape, and helping leaders stay on top of it all with their positions intact and strengthened.

When applied in the right context with the right group, empirical data suggests that Improv interventions can help organisations thrive

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